Helping Others Save Lives

CONTACT We Care is a crisis intervention hotline and provider of training services. Our wide-ranging training programs are a key factor in our longevity and success for nearly 40 years.

Through our comprehensive training programs we enable participants to learn the warning signs of personal crisis and suicide and how to intervene in an effective manner.

Our training is ideal for:

  • Hotline Volunteers

  • First Responders

  • Clergy Members and Community Group Leaders

  • Business Professionals

  • Educators
  • Parents

  • parent-Teacher Associations

  • Youth Group Leaders


Excellence in Listening

Our Excellence in Listening training includes 36 hours of classroom instruction provided over the course of 12 weeks. The course includes dynamic and interactive presentations by guest experts in active listening, grief recovery, mental health issues and suicide intervention. The program is designed to develop a participant's ability to listen actively, assess the needs of someone in crisis and provide empathy and support.

A mobile module for businesses is available.

Training in Spring of 2016.

Complete and submit a Volunteer Application.


Applied Suicide Intervention Skills (ASIST) is the internationally acclaimed two-day interactive training program in suicide first-aid. Our ASIST program is designed to empower police officers, fire departments, rescue squads, teachers, school administrators, clergy, business managers and a wide variety of community members with the hands-on skills to intervene in the case of suicide. The training workshops provide the tools to create positive outcomes.

The 2015 schedule for the ASIST Two-day Training Workshop is:

Saturday and Sunday, January 24th and 25th
Saturday and Sunday, May 16th and 17th
Saturday and Sunday, December 12th and 13th

If you wish to attend, please complete and submit an application.

For more information or to schedule training, contact Dawn Smith at 908.301.1899 or

Preventing Teenage Suicide

Designed for teachers, administrative and support staff and counselors at elementary, middle and high schools, this program will help participants:

  • Open a dialogue about suicide with students.

  • Identify the risk factors of students at risk.

  • Develop the skills to support these youth, including active listening skills, asking directly about suicide and applying suicide intervention skills when needed.

  • Access suicide prevention resources to provide to students at risk of suicide.

Designed by a doctor of psychology specializing in childhood trauma and a certified Master ASIST Trainer and taught by a certified Master ASIST Trainer.

Fully complies with NJSA 18A:6-111 requiring all public school teaching staff members to complete two hours of instruction in suicide prevention. Only $500 per group session.

Suicide Awareness Training

This is our teenage suicide prevention training adapted to be relevant for all age groups.

This training is ideal for first responders, parents, members of the clergy, community group leaders and business professionals, such as human resources personnel.








Mental Health First Aid

This is an eight-hour course that teaches participants how to help someone who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. The training helps participants identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders.

The course uses role-playing and simulations to demonstrate how to offer initial help. Participants learn risk factors, warning signs and symptoms for a range of mental health problems and build understanding of the impact and prevalence of mental health problems.

Mental Health First Aid date:
Saturday, September 19, 2015

If you wish to attend, please complete and submit an application.


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